BeSafe Rate is the must-have insurance rate for the hospitality industry that tackles the problem of cancelled bookings.

BeSafe Rate allows tourism operators to sell stays and/or trips with insurance included in the cost of the booking, directly from their website, travel packages, and in hotels. The insurance included in the rate protects the traveller at no additional cost, guaranteeing him a refund in the event of cancellation and assistance in the event of unforeseen events, while at the same time ensuring revenue for the tourism operator who, once cashed in, will not have to deal with any claims for refunds.

BeSafe Rate is therefore an opportunity to earn money and a great marketing tool able to boost direct sales, facilitating prepaid bookings and guaranteeing a secure and early collection.

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BeSafe Group is an insurtech company specialized in the travel and hospitality sector. Since 2017, BeSafe has been designing and developing tech products and software solutions to digitalize the offer of hospitality services. Our mission is to become the standard of safe travels, and we do so by offering a smart, flexible, and reliable product solution to benefit hospitality operators and travellers. We are laser focused on customer experience every step of the way, by eliminating frictions of conventional insurance companies and outdated hospitality processes.

BeSafe’s products available on the market are:

We are currently active in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, French Antilles and Israel.


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