Hotelbeds Company Description:

We are global leaders in the TravelTech space, bridging connections and empowering businesses within the ever-changing and expanding travel ecosystem. Our cloud-based technology platforms offer fast and simple access to a global network of travel products, from accommodation to ancillaries and payments, while our rich data and intelligence help generate demand. Operating exclusively in the B2B arena, we are uniquely positioned to drive growth for our partners without competing for the end customer. Our 3000+ ground experts provide local expertise and support to boost trading even further, even in the hardest-to-reach spaces. Our unique blend of technology, data, and passionate people serves as a catalyst for B2B travel players aiming to unlock their full potential.

Cooperation Description:

Hotelbeds is connected to over 300k properties worldwide and has 71k hard-to-reach B2B travel distributors in more than 150 source markets.


Boost Your Sales with Hotelbeds:

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What are the benefits?

Increase Distribution and Market: Now Hotelbeds is for free in your channel mix in HotelAvailabilities channel manager.

Financial Benefits: Hotelbeds offers exclusive commercial conditions, with an attractive 18% Best Available Rate (BAR) contract.

Reach B2B Clients: With Hotelbeds’ Opaque Discount feature, hotels can tap into a segment of hard-to-reach B2B clients. This can help expand their customer base and potentially increase bookings.

Flexible Booking Options: The Optional Non-Refundable (NRF) feature provides hotels with greater control over their booking policies, allowing them to set terms that are best suited to their business model.

Dedicated Support: With a Dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM), hotels receive personalized support and advice to help them make the most out of their partnership with Hotelbeds.

Ease of Payment: Hotelbeds’ Virtual Credit Card payment system offers a secure, efficient way to handle transactions, ensuring timely payments on check-out.