RateGenie The Perfect Price, Everyday Dynamic pricing for your short-term rentals. Increase your rental revenue by up to 30%. Automatically update your rates daily with the perfect price across multiple channels. Rategenie’s data driven algorithms will help you

Hotellab – Revenue Management System

We make hotel pricing and marketing simple and profitable “We offer a unique combination of developments in the field of revenue management, pricing and digital marketing. Our solutions help to increase profits from the first steps for both leading hotel chains and small boutique hotels.” At HotelLab, we provide a powerful tool to efficiently manage […]

Lybra Assistant

Lybra Lybra can analyze multiple data in real-time optimizing your pricing strategy over 365 days and analyzing the most meaningful KPI’s to measure the success of your business


RoomPriceGenie Automatic Smart Pricing for Your Hotel. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been pricing for years, our smart pricing tool makes it easy to both save you hours and significantly increase your revenue.