Most frequent questions and answers

HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager saves time and reacts faster to market changes. It saves you hours of precious time each week. All your extranet data can be viewed and modified from a single interface. Sophisticated updating tools help you boost your performance and react faster to new market trends.

With the channel manager you can work with unlimited sales channels and increase the hotel’s visibility and distribution around the world, with retail sales as weel as wholesellers. In addition you can easily ditribute all of the available inventory faster to the channels.

You can manage unlimited channels from the Channel Manager, and propose any channels, they are not connected. We are continually working to increase our XML connections to improve the Channel Manager’s overall performance.

HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager has developed its XML/API code, that allows any partner to connect their preferred PMS or RMS with our cloud service.

It is very easy! From the Home Page, choose ‘Signup’ and fill in the required data. An email will be sent to you for confirming the account. As soon as the account is active, you can upload the hotel’s info and data.

We have 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm directly from our support team as we do not have computerized phone answering, when you ring for service you get to speak to a real person. Customer support is free.

No. There is no minimum payment or sign-up period. HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager is a pre-pay, pay as you go service. The payment is on monthly basis. You may cancel your account at any time. Credit balances are non refundable. In case you need to have a yearly contract and payment, there exist discounts.

Yes – log in and click add new booking, enter the details of the booking and those dates will then be removed from your availability and inform all the connected channels. Alternatively you can go to the calendar view and black out those dates.

You can change prices on all or selected booking providers as often as required.

Yes – HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager automatically stops selling your rooms on all booking providers’ sites when you are fully booked. The Channel Manager sends you an email to tell you that you are fully booked when the last room has been sold.

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. HotelAvailabilities channel manager is a pre-pay, pay as you go service.

Yes, the channel manager is connectable with a series of hotel booking engines, and it can be managed from within the dashboard with the same way as the other sales channels.

Our system gives you flexibility. You can choose to have the same rates on all channels and your website, or alternatively, you can manage individual rates for each channel.

Yes, our system is developed in such a way, which allows you to easily change rate and inventory from your mobile, tablets or PC.