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Are you looking for market expansion and growth? HotelAvailabilities offers you an ideal ecosystem of systems and technologies, through which you can integrate any technology required for such development. It also offers you the expertise and knowledge to implement the best possible mix of channels and third-party service systems to maximize your market and optimize your business revenue.

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Who should integrate with HotelAvailabilities Channel Manager?

Becoming a HotelAvailabilities partner, you are gaining all the benefits of syncing and managing rates and availability with the easiest way. Working with our simple interface and real time updates, we assist your clients save time and increase their revenue, which in turn makes you their hero and positions you for growth and expanding your business
  • Update rates and availability on all OTAs instantly
  • Receive more reservations and increase your customer’s revenue
  • Reduce customer’s time spent managing extranets
  • Mitigate overbooking risk
  • Main access to all online sales
  • Reduce content management time and costs
  • Instant rate and availability updates
  • Easy to use interface for managing rates
  • Increase sales through easy to install booking widget
  • More properties with real time inventory
  • Access to the property’s last available rooms
  • Transparency in managing inventory
  • Seamless integration

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