Integrations / B2B


Selling Rooms through Direct Connections

Imagine opening up a direct stream of new high-margin bookings from travel providers like agencies and consortia, specialized OTAs, and corporate travel services—Dramatically reduced distribution costs. That’s HyperGuest.

Boost occupancy: Welcome new guests from demand partners eager to fill your rooms

Increase profitability: Low commissions maximize net RevPAR

Let us sweat the details: From setup to payment, everything is easy and automated, with no complex payments

Capture more bookings at low commissions
Net-rate or commissionable, you’ll see higher margins and net RevPAR and maximize occupancy through HyperGuest, with no added fees or technology costs

Stay in control: You set rates, terms, and policies and have full visibility to control and mitigate rate parity

Own the guest relationship: Transparent booking data lets you upsell and cross-sell to maximize the value of every guest

Skip the contracting hassles: There’s no pre-contracting necessary, but you have full flexibility to arrange special contracts or terms with individual partners

Get set up effortlessly: HyperGuest integrates with your current systems and automates the entire partner relationship—at no added cost to you

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